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      Special Purpose Machines - SPM

Integrated Automation Project Lifecycle

Integrated Automation Project Lifecycle

INTEGRATED AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS principle business is to offer complete solutions on Turnkey basis to its Valued customers, typically consisting of the following responsibilities:

  User Requirement Capturing & Understanding of Customer’s Need
  Conceptualizing the system solution that will meet this need
  Engineering of the solution into implementable system design
  Manufacturing & Factory Testing of the system to ensure the desired performance
  Deployment, Installation, Commissioning & Production support at Customer site
  Post Sale Service Support for product lifecycle
  Project Management and Process development functions required during the project
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  Insulating Coating Machine with Fluidised Plants
  Spray Painting / Powder Coating Booth
     with Baking System

  Spray Painting Systems
  Baking Oven
  Liquid Painting System
  Automatic Spray Reciprocators
  Servo Based Automations
  Robotic Systems
  Bending SPM
  3 Axis Bending
  Pipe Bending
  Strip Bending / Roll Form
  Welding Automation
  Welding SPM